First test flight for Leonardoโ€™s Falco Xplorer drone

Jan. 17 – Leonardo announced his new Falco Xplorer drone performed its first flight on January 15. The drone had an approximately one-hour-long flight in a dedicated area and returned safely to Trapani Air Force base.

With its endurance of over 24 hours, its maximum payload of 350kg and its operating ceiling above 24,000ft, Falco Xplorer is a powerful option for ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance).

Among its sensors, it features a multi-mode surveillance radar (Gabbiano T-80, by Leonardo), SAGE electronic intelligence system, an automatic identification system for maritime missions and an EO (Electro-Optical) turret.

The drone will now start a series of flights in order to fully assess its capabilities.

Leonardoโ€™s Falco Xplorer at Paris Air Show 2019 (Credits to Olivier CABARET from PARIS, FRANCE [CC BY])

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