Hacking company updates its tool to access information on Apple’s iPhones

Jan. 15 – After December 6th’s attack in the Naval Air Base of Pensacola (Florida, U.S.A.), the FBI strongly asked Apple to unlock the two attacker’s mobile phones, currently locked and encrypted, but Apple refused to help the U.S. Government unlocking the iPhones.

Despite this refusal, the FBI will now be able to access encrypted contents on at least one of the two devices thanks to the new update that Cellebrite, a private cyber firm, just announced on its iPhone hacking tool.

With this fresh new update, Cellebrite’s tool uses an exploit called Ceckm8 that allows accessing data stored in iPhones produced from 2011 to 2017. That means it will be able to unlock at least one of the attacker’s devices.

Apple iPhone (Credits to Håkan Dahlström)

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