EMSA announces its new PSC inspection support tool

Feb. 04 – EMSA, the European Maritime Safety Agency, announced today that a new information system for the Port State Control activity of the members of the Mediterranean M Memorandum of Understanding has been put into service.

THETIS-Med (the new toolโ€™s name) will be โ€œa milestone in the EUโ€™s efforts to foster regional cooperation among the Mediterranean countriesโ€.

The new system has been developed within the framework of the Safemed IV project, funded by DG NEAR of the European Commission: it aims to harmonise inspection activities enhancing the maritime safety standards of the region, bringing towards a further alignment with the procedures used in the Paris MoU.

Port State Control (PSC) is the inspection activity performed by Port Authorities on foreign-registered ships in port, in order to ensure compliance of the vessels to the international and national laws. This inspection activity has been started jointly by many countries after the accident of the Amoco Cadiz, a supertanker operating under the Liberian flag of convenience that sank in front of the French coast spilling a huge amount of crude oil into the sea.

Among the several treaties that followed the accident, the southern and eastern Mediterranean countries signed the Med MoU (Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding), a cooperation project funded by the European Commission in 1995.

(Image by Viola ‘ from Pixabay)


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