Europol announces the dismantling of an underground illegal cigarette factory in Spain

Feb. 21 – Europol announced yesterday a successful joint operation with the Spanish Guardia Civil, the Lithuanian Customs Criminal Service, Polish Police Central Bureau of Investigation and law enforcement authorities from the UK.

During this operation, supported by Europol, an organised crime group involved in the production of illegal cigarettes and drug trafficking in Spain was discovered and dismantled.

The outlaws had a bunker-factory that was built 4 meters under the ground where workers were forced to work and live in unhealthy conditions, not being allowed to leave the facility on their own.

In the whole operation, Europol and the law enforcement agencies confiscated over 3 million counterfeit cigarettes, produced with low-quality materials and no hygienic standards, together with 20kg of hashish, 144kg of marijuana, weapons, GPS tracking devices, and a jamming device.

The Headquarter of Europol, The Hague (Image by OSeveno [CC BY-SA])

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