Hezbollah to lead Iraqi Shi’ite militias

Feb. 11 – Hezbollah, a political organisation active in Lebanon and backed by Iran, had several meetings with Iraqi militia leaders in the last month after Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force, was killed in a U.S. air raid on January 3rd.

The Lebanese organisation aims at coordinating the Iraqi militias, that are very important in Iran’s plan to maintain control over Iraq.

Hezbollah was founded in 1982 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and has a very important role in the regional strategy of Iran. Its new role in managing troops in Iraq will continue until the new leadership of the Quds Force is established.

Sheikh Mohammad al-Kawtharani is the representative of Hezbollah in Iraq. He worked with Soleimani until his death and will now coordinate the militias of Iraq.


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