Munich Security Conference 2020

Feb. 17 – During last weekend, the Munich Security Conference 2020 was held in Germany. It saw the participation of more than 30 heads of state, nearly 100 cabinet ministers and hundreds of senior leaders and thinkers.

The main topic of the event was the โ€œWestlessnessโ€, i.e. the trend of a part of the Western countries to become more divided and illiberal and retreat from the global stage, losing a common understanding of what it even means to be part of the West.

Many participants argued that West should be defined as a normative project of values, not as a mere geographic entity: in this vision, the Western Countries are the ones committed to individual freedoms, democracy and the rule of law.

International threats are tackled in a non-efficient way because of the mounting nationalism, some speakers said, leading to an โ€œunacceptable state of global securityโ€.

Participants also argued Europe must take a stronger role in the world, in order to more effectively protect its citizens and values at home and better project stability and liberal-democratic principles abroad.

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