Russian agents sent to Ireland to check undersea communications cables

Feb. 18 – The UK Sunday Times newspaper recently reported that the Irish Garda and military sources believe some Russian spies from the GU, the military branch of the Russian Army, were sent to Ireland to locate and monitor the undersea telecommunications cables connecting Western Europe and North America.

Ireland, because of its geographical position, is the major hub for many of the fiber-optic cables that cross the Atlantic Ocean connecting Europe, the UK, and US.

The Russian agents team was detected by personnel in charge of the security of the Dublin Port, leading to a security alert in all the government facilities located on the Irish coast.

The report claims the spies probably had as an objective to map the precise location of the cables and check for weak points, in order to put wiretaps or even to be able to sabotage them in the future.

(Image by Volker Lekies from Pixabay)

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