A former FBI agent is believed to have died under Iran’s custody

Mar. 26 – Robert Levinson, former FBI agent who disappeared in March 2007 after passing through an island controlled by Iran, would have died under Iranian custody. This is what his family believes, according to information received by U.S. officials.

Even if there is no certainty about Levinson’s death, the same White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien stated that they believe that Levinson may have passed away some time ago and added, in his statement: “Iran must provide a complete accounting of what occurred with Bob Levinson before the Unites States can fully accept what happened in this case.”

One of the last images known of Robert “Bob” Levinson kidnapped in Iran (Public Domain)

The U.S. President Donald Trump, who called Levinson “a gentleman”, said: “They havenโ€™t told us that heโ€™s dead, but a lot of people are thinking that thatโ€™s the case. “

Robert Levinson disappeared in March 2007, after flying from Dubai to Kish Island. He worked as a private investigator and was looking for information regarding an alleged corruption involving former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and his family.

At the time of his disappeareance, a government-linked media said that he was “in the hands of Iranian security forces.โ€ After that, almost 13 years ago, no further news about him have been released.

The Iranian government has never publicly acknowledged any role in his abduction.

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