Cybersecurity experts joined to fight COVID-19 hacking

An international Cybersecurity group of nearly 400 volunteers of experts in the field formed the 25th of March with the mission of fighting hacking related to coronavirus emergency.

Called the COVID-19 CTI League, for cyber threat intelligence, the group is composed by member from more than 40 countries and includes seniors profiles from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

One of the four initial members of the group, Marc Rogers, head of security at the long-running hacking conference Def Con and a vice president at security company Okta Inc OKTA.o., said that the top priority would be combat hacks against medical facilities and other organisations in the frontline against the pandemic.

Rogers also said that key is the defense of communication networks and services that have become essential as more people working from home is increasing.

The group is also using its contacts in internet infrastructure providers to contrast phishing and financial crimes such as using the fear of COVID-19 or the desire for information on it to mislead internet users.

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