Governments rolled out bans on public events and travel restrictions facing COVID-19 emergency

Leaders around the world rolled out bans on pulblic events and more travel restrictions as cases of the new coronavirus spread.
Travelers from Italy and South Korea would face additional screening, according to a White House news briefing, warning American citizens against traveling to virus focus zones in the two countries.

ITALY – Schools and universities in Italy, which is experiencing Europeโ€™s worst outbreak of the disease, will stay closed for a second consecutive week in three northern regions. While many businesses in the wealthy north of Italy close to a standstill and hotels reporting a wave of cancellations.

IRAN – Tehran has ordered schools to shut temporary, extending the closure of universities and a ban of a week on concerts and sports events. Iranian authorities have also banned visits to hospitals and nursing homes as the countryโ€™s case load hit nearly 600.

SOUTH KOREA – Churches are closing in South Korea but many held online services, with authorities looking to control public gatherings, as 376 new infections bring the total cases in the country to the number of 3,526.

Medical staff with bunny suit containing 2019 Coronavirus outbreak, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China (by GangstonTech)

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