Hubei launches “health code” mobile monitoring system for traveling

10 Mar. – Hubei province administration in China said on Tuesday that it will be implemented a mobile monitoring system โ€œhealth codeโ€ to start allowing people to travel within the province.

As the province tries to resume normal activities after the coronavirus outbreak, the statement, published on the governmentโ€™s website, motivated the decision as aimed at promoting the resumption of work and production in the province.

National media reported the same day that plans are at study in Hubei, where started the first contagions of the virus, to allow people in areas at a medium – or low-risk of contracting the coronavirus to start traveling.

Center of Yingcheng (ๅบ”ๅŸŽๅธ‚), Hubei (ๆน–ๅŒ—), China (by DBaron)

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