Sudan’s Prime Minister has been the target of an assassination attempt

09 Mar. The convoy carrying Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has been attacked today in Khartoum. As stated by Ali Bakhit, director of the Prime Minister’s office, there were no victims nor injured in the attack, which took place near the Kober bridge.

Mr Hamdok promptly reassured his good health and willingness to keep following the path of economic reforms that his government has started since its establishment.

Abdalla Hamdok at World Hydropower Congress 2017 (Image by International Hydropower Association – CC BY 2.0 )

Last August Mr Hamdok, a former UN economist, was appointed by Sudan’s Sovereign Council, following the overthrow of the apparently endless Omar al-Bashir’s Presidency. The attack, claimed Mr Hamdok, only generated “an additional push to the wheel of change in Sudan”.

Finally, the attack seems to have triggered a strong reaction inside the government in order to find the authors and keep dismantling the old regime. Sudan’s information minister Faisal Salih said that these two goals will be “decisively pursued”.

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