Australia’s Prime Minister urging all WHO members to support a coronavirus inquiry

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister, said on Thursday that member nations of the World Health Organization (WHO) should back an indipendent inquiry concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Arrival of Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia to G20 in Argentina, 2018 (by
G20 Argentina, under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license)

Australia became one of the harshest critics of Beijing on its handling of the coronavirus global outbreak, with Morrison asking several world leaders to support an international review regarding its origins, spread and the WHO’s response.

China has strongly declined any call for an inquiry, describing the initiative as American propaganda against Beijing.

Morrison underlined that all members of the WHO should be committed to participate in a review, adding that Australia would push for the inquiry during the WHO Assembly on May 17.

Australia’s calls for an investigation encounters the favour of the White House, critical on how China and the WHO’s handled the pandemic, who has stopped the funding towards the U.N. agency.

An inquiry in Europe found less enthusiasm, with both France and Britain saying now is not the time for blaming.

Few hours before Morrison’s declarations, a senior Australian government official invited G20 nations to put an end to wildlife wet markets due to the risk they create an actual danger to human health and agricultural markets.

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