Russian business journalists denounces censorship in favour of the Kremlin

Apr. 23 – Journalist of Vedomosti, a widely known Russian business publication, have blamed their editor, Andrei Shmarov, of imposing a pro-Kremlin censorship upon them and asked the board of directors to assign someone else to that position.

According to an editorial posted on the newspaper’s website, journalists stated that he had banned the publication of opinion polls developed by an independent research firm – named Levada Centre – that has annoyed the Kremlin.

The Moscow Kremlin. (Photo by Dmitry Ivanov – CC BY-SA 4.0)

Right before this month, the paper published a Levada poll which found that 38 percent of Russian believe that Putin represents the interests of oligarchs, bankers and corporations.

Further complains about Shmarov’s behavior in his role were raised in the days before. A media reporter, named Kseniya Boletskaya, publicly expressed resentment after that he banned negative coverage of President Putin’s plans to change the constitution in order to keep to hold the power until 2036. According to her, anyone who disobeyed the ban would be fired.

โ€œHaving lost its reputation, Vedomosti will become another dependent and managed media outlet whose aim is not to satisfy readersโ€™ needs with news that has been verified and quality analysis, but to serve the interests and ambitions of its official and secret owners,โ€ the editorial said, confirming the journalists’ aim to defending the newspaper’s values.

Mr. Shmarov answered that he had not menaced to fire anyone, claiming to Reuters that his editorial decisions have always been his own and have never been influences by anyone else.

Until now, Vedomosti is one of the few high profile Russian newspapers not under the direct control of businessmen close to the Kremlin.

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