Russian ultranationalist group designated as terrorist organisation by United States

06 Apr. – According to how declared by a senior official today, the U.S. State Department is designating the Russian Imperial Movement, ultranationalist group based in Russia, as a terrorist organisation.
The United States is also declaring three of the group’s leader –
Stanislav Anatolyevich Vorobyev, Denis Valliullovich Gariev and Nikolay Nikolayevich Trushchalov – as individual terrorists.

As the State Department’s counterterrorism coordinator –
Ambassador Nathan A. Sales – said, “these designations are unprecedented. This is the first time the United States has ever designated white supremacists as terrorists, and this illustrates how seriously this administration takes the white supremacist terrorist threat. We are doing things no previous administration has done to counter this threat.โ€

Russian nationalist in Moscow, Russia (Image by Evgeniy Isaev – CC BY 2.0)

This is yet another evidence of U.S. officials’ growing concerns about violent white supremacists and their transnational links.

Even if not officially sponsored by the Russian government, President Vladimir Putin has tolerated its activities and shared with them some objectives, such as the war against Ukraine.
Furthermore, the group has supported neo-Nazi organizations in Scandinavia – even organizing paramilitary trainings near St. Petersburg – and its activities are perfectly in line with Russian’s plans of trying to strenghten internal divisions and sow chaos in Western democracies.

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