U.S. commander and Taliban discuss violence reduction in Doha meeting

Apr. 11 – According to statements by both parts’ spokesmans, General Scott Miller – commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan – met Taliban leadership in Doha in order to discuss the need to reduce violence in the country. The meeting, that took place on Friday night, was necessary even after Taliban’s accusations against U.S. forces of breaching the important agreement signed on February.

Afghan National Army Special Forces soldiers with the 6th Special Operations Kandak speak with Afghan villagers during an operation in Kabul province, Afghanistan (Connor Mendez – Public)

According to the February pact, international forces will gradually withdraw in exchange for Taliban security guarantees. The Taliban accused U.S. forces of supporting Afghan security operations in some areas of the country, threatening to blow up the February’s deal. From their side, U.S. forces said that those actions were just a defense of Afghan forces.

Another point of friction was about Taliban prisoners. The Afghan government released a total of 200 of them between Wednesday and Thursday, but Talibans threatened to exit the negotiations because they had not been allowed to choose who to free.

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