US concerned over south Yemen separatist self-rule declaration

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on Tuesday that Washington is “concerned” over the Southern Transitional Council (STC), a separatist group that declared self-rule in the south of Yemen. There are worries that such actions could have threaten efforts to resume the dialogue between the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels.

“Such unilateral actions only exacerbate instability in Yemen,” Pompeo underlined in a statement. “They are especially unhelpful at a time when the country is threatened by COVID-19 and also threaten to complicate the efforts of the UN Special Envoy to revive political negotiations between the government and the Houthi rebels.”

Unilateral truce prompted by a United Nations call to focus on the coronavirus pandemic has been announced by the Saudi-led coalition, but the Houthis have not agreed on it and not stopping violence.

Yemen’s internationally recognized government underlined that “catastrophic consequences” may come from STC declaring
on Sunday the emergency rule in southern governorates including Aden, the interim seat of the internationally recognised government backed by the Saudi-led military coalition that had until now included the STC.

“We call on the STC and the Republic of Yemen government to re-engage in the political process provided under the Riyadh Agreement,” Pompeo said.

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