American convict states he plotted Maduro’s capture in TV announcement

May 6 – One of the former U.S. soldiers captured in Venezuela said, in a TV statement released by a Venezuelan broadcast on Wednesday, that he had been contracted by a U.S. security firm to take the control of Caracas’ airport and conduct President Nicolas Maduro on a plane heading towards the United States.

Last Monday Venezuelan authorities arrested two U.S. citizens and other 11 people in what Maduro has defined a failed conspiracy coordinated by Washington to oust him.

Simon Bolivar Airport in Caracas, Venezuela (Photo by Clay Gilliland – CC BY-SA 2.0 )

During this statement Luke Denman said that the firm, Silvercorp USA, had signed a contract with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidò to work on Maduro’s removal. A Guaidò advisor told CNN that he had signed an “exploratory agreement” with Silvercorp to investigate the existing options for “delivering Maduro to justice”. On the contrary, U.S. President Donald Trump denied any involvement. In March, the U.S. Department of Justice charged Maduro and several Venezuelan officials with “narco-terrorism”, fixing a reward of $15 million for any information leading to his arrest.

Denman said his mission was to secure the airport: no further details about how to get Maduro to a plane has been revealed. According to his words, he and the other U.S. citizen, Airan Berry, were contracted by Jordan Goudreau, a U.S. military veteran , to train 50 or 60 Venezuelans in Colombia for this operation. Goudreau confirmed to Reuters his role as organizer of the operation.

“I was helping Venezuelans to take back control of their country”, stated Denman in the video.

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