U.S. unit ready to land to Colombia to train local forces and help fight drug trafficking

May 28 – According to the U.S. embassy in Bogotร , in the next days a U.S. army unit will arrive in Colombia to help the local armed forces to fight drug trafficking for 4 months.

The U.S. Securit Force Assistance Brigade will arrive in early June and, as remarked by the U.S. Southern Commander Admiral Craig Faller, will be “an opportunity to demonstrate our mutual commitment against drug trafficking and support for regional peace, respect for sovereignty and the lasting promise to defend shared ideals and values.โ€

U.S. Southern Commander Admiral Craig Faller, on the left, during a meeting with the Argentinian Ministry of Defense Oscar Aguad (Photo by
Argentinian Ministry of Defense, CC CC BY 2.5 ar)

According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, last year cocaine production in Colombia rose to 951 tonnes from 879 tonnes in 2018. With the aim of following the U.S. pressure to reduce coca cultivation, Colombian President Ivan Duque is increasing the hectares of coca crops destroyed. Unfortunately, the use of herbicide glyphosate has been strongly confemned by the World Health Organization for its potentially damages to health and environment.

The chief of Colombian Military Forces, General Luis Fernando Navarro, confirmed the arrival and said that the U.S. unit will train local task forces focused on drug trafficking.

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