How to Start Construction Work Again Safely After COVID-19

19 June – The global pandemic of COVID-19 has put many sectors on teleworking but working from home is not possible for some sectors, like construction site. Many companies are going to open again their construction sites, but they will have to follow some important steps to ensure safety from the risk of contagion.

Social Distancing on Sites: Social distancing varies from country to country, but governments have agreed that people must maintain a certain distance from each other to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Although, physical distancing is more challenging for construction sites. It is not impossible following some general guidelines.

Key Communication: All visitors must be informed of the importance of the social distancing at the manufacturing sites. This is not only essential for the risk related to the COVID-19, but it makes more aware visitors and workers themselves of the health and safety issues. 

Disinfected and Clean: Surfaces are also relevant vectors for COVID-19 transmission that it must be taken into consideration. Any place that is frequently touched by workers, must be disinfected on regular basis. Only with more precautions it is possible to keep work environments and workers safe since scientists are still working on transmission of the virus.

A Public Domain Picture by U.S. Navy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eli J. Medellin, FIRE BASE SALERNO, Afghanistan (2008),

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