Iranian citizen sentenced to death after being charged of spying for U.S. and Israel

Jun. 9 – An Iranian citizen has been sentenced to death due to his spying activities – regarding the Revolutionary Guards specially – in favor of United States and Israel.

Mahmoud Mousavi-Majd “shared information about the
whereabouts of martyr Soleimani with our enemies” and “passed on security information to the Israeli and American intelligence agencies
about Iranโ€™s armed forces, particularly the Guards”, judiciary spokesman
Gholamhossein Esmaili said in a TV statement.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (Photo by – CC BY 4.0)

According to Esmaili, the sentence has been confirmed by the supreme court and Mousavi-Majd “will be executed soon.”

There are no evidences about the link with his activity and the killing of Qassem Soleimaini, the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force leader, that took place last 3rd of January.

Mousavi-Majd had been arrested in October 2018.

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