U.S. troops are in Europe to defend transatlantic security, German ambassador says

After President Donald Trump announced to plan reducing U.S. troop levels in Europe to 25,000, German Ambassador Emily Haber underlined on Monday how U.S. troops in Europe defends the transatlantic security and helps project U.S. power further afield.

Emily Haber (State Secretary, Ministry of the Interior, Federal Republic of Germany) at the 50th Munich Security Conference 2014 (by Marc Mรผller, licensed under the Creative Commonsย Attribution 3.0 Germany license)

Haber remarked in a virtual event hosted by the think tank of the Council on Foreign Relations that โ€œour cooperation on military and security matters has always been very close and will remain soโ€.

Haber also said: โ€œU.S. troops โ€ฆ are not there to defend Germany. They are there to defend the transatlantic security. โ€ฆ They are also there to project American power in Africa, in Asia.โ€


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