China poses a condition to join START negotiations inviting Washington to reduce its nuclear arsenal

Jul. 8 – According to what declared by a senior Chinese diplomat today, China would participate in trilateral arms control negotiations with United States and Russia, provided that the U.S. will reduce its nuclear arsenal to China’s level.

This statement is the answer to several calls to join new negotiations that United States and Russia have to do in order to extend the START treaty, which is due to expire in February next year.

The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi (Photo by Chancellery of Ecuador, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The United States would like to include China into these negotiations but, according to what said also by Fu Cong, the head of the arms control department of Chinese foreign ministry, Beijing is not interested in joining negotiations with a superpower that detains a nuclear arsenal that is 20 times bigger than its own.

According to Fu Cong, this invitation is just “a ploy to divert attention” and that Washington’s real purpose is “to get rid of all restrictions and have a free hand in seeking military superiority over any adversary.”

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