Heathrow tells UK, it’s passenger testing or lose “quarantine roulette”

Heathrow Airport, one of the main hub in Europe, urged the UK government to urgently support a passenger testing regime, advising that without one, the countryโ€™s strict quarantine rules will depress the travel industry and lead to more job losses.

Heathrow Airport from the air. 10/09. A BA Boeing 747 leads a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (byOxyman, licensed under the Creative Commonsย Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

Heathrow said that in order to not loose the global โ€œquarantine rouletteโ€, the government should reduce quarantine from 14 to around 8 days for passengers who undergo two tests in a week.

Holland-Kaye, Heathrow CEO, told Reuters on Wednesday that the coronavirus test would cost at the airport around 150 pounds ($195 circa) per person and will be charged to passengers.

John Holland-Kaye admits it is not cheap, but he is convinced that consumers and business travellers would be willing to pay, helping Britain to preserve its aviation industry, that is confirming over 20,000 job cuts.

Responding to Heathrowโ€™s criticism, a minister replied that there is no easy way out to skip quarantine arriving from countries with higher infection rates.

Heathrow CEO said the government showed to be open to the double testing plan, foreseeing one on arrival and one five or eight days later, in order to decrease the total number of quarantine days.


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