Twitter says hackers saw messages from 36 accounts, including Netherlands official

Last Wednesday Twitter reported that hackers who breached its systems last week probably had access to the direct messages of 36 accounts, including the one of an elected official in the Netherlands.

The San Francisco, California headquarters of the social media website Twitter (by MatthewKeys, licensed under the Creative Commonsย Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)

According to the support account’s tweets and an updated blog post, Twitter said that there were no indication that messages from any other elected officials were involved.

Twitter did not provide an answer when Reuters asked if among the 36 targeted accounts’ messages that might have been read where included any verified accounts.

Theoretically speaking tweeting from an account it would be also also possible to read messages in the inbox that had not been deleted.

Twitter previously said that the hackers obtained massive amount of data from eight accounts, but none of them resulted to be a verified account with blue checks that include famous people, officials and media.

A spokeswoman said that the downloading tool does not enable access to Twitter messages.

Regarding the breached accounts, Twitter said that the hackers would have been able to access phone numbers and email addresses, except previous passwords.

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