Taiwan blames China of cyber attacks against their local institutions

Aug. 19 – Today Liu Chia-zung, deputy director of the Taiwan Investigation Bureau’s Cyber Security Investigation Office, announced that two hacking groups, with direct linkages to the Chinese government, had attacked at least 10 government officials with the aim of stealing important data.

โ€œChinese hacking groups have been infiltrating government agencies and their information service providers for a long time,โ€ this were his words. He defined “omnipresent” the infiltration of Chinese spies.

Taiwan Presidential Building (Photo by Voice of America – Public Domain)

The attacks started in 2018 and targeted at least 10 government agencies and the email accounts of around 6,000 officials. It had not been possible to identify what data has been stolen. One of the biggest threats to national security is due to the fact that among the subjects who were attacked there are at least four Taiwan tech companies that had provided information services to the government.

From its side, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office did not released any comment. This is a period of increasing tensions between Taiwan and China, with Beijing that has pushed its military activity near Taiwan.

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