Taiwan says China behind cyberattacks on government agencies, emails

Chinese-backed Hacking groups, according to what said by Taiwan on Wednesday, targeted at least 10 government agencies and around 6,000 email accounts of government officials in an “infiltration” attack to steal sensitive data.

March for Tibet in Taiwan (photo by sodor51 licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

Taiwan has been urging citizens to be on the lookout for what is officially called “omnipresent infiltration” from China, including Chinese media campaigns and cyberattacks, due to the historic right on the highlind by the mainland.

Liu Chia-zung, the deputy director of the Taiwan Investigation Bureauโ€™s Cyber Security Investigation Office, said that:”the Chhinese hacking groups have been infiltrating government agencies and their information service providers for a long time”.

Cyber Security Investigation Office said that the attacks, started as early as 2018, targeting at least 10 government agencies and the email accounts of some 6,000 officials, but it had not been able to identify what data has been stolen as the hackers left no traces.

Chinaโ€™s Taiwan Affairs Office refused to comment. The Chinese government denies as did before any involvement in hacking and underlines the punishment for such activity.

Liu said Taiwan is positive that Blacktech and Taidoor, the two hacking groups involved, were backed by the China. The deputy director confirms they targeted the Taiwan governmentโ€™s information service providers through loopholes in the systems.


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