The EU CBRN CoE Project 65 launches an informative and awareness raising campaign to fight COVID-19

The EU CBRN CoE Project 65 is a project funded by the European Union through its Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace with the aim of strengthening existing chemical and biological waste management capabilities in Central Asian countries. It seeks to support national and regional bodies involved in the waste management main issues as well as to assist countries in reviewing and evaluating their legislative provisions on the matter. The project aims further to raise awareness of the issues associated with chemical and biological waste management as well as to provide training activities, including the train-the-trainer approach also based on a tailored e-learning instrument.

In the light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the project decided to share a set of extra information in English, Italian and Russian – not originally expected to be delivered – focusing on the use of sanitation solutions to mitigate the diffusion of the novel-Coronavirus on surfaces, on the use of the most adequate Personal Protective Equipment to operate in Covid-19-contaminated areas as well as on the management and treatment of bio-hazardous waste, paying a specific attention to the biosafety aspects linked to this poorly-known pathogenic agent.
The project experts have therefore selected guidelines, best practices, aide-memoire cartoons and technical information sheets from the most relevant international sources in the field, thus implementing a specific webpage that will be updated and enriched by novel contents, as soon as they are available.
For further information check out the CoE Project 65 website at:

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