U.N. blames Facebook of not sharing evidence of Myanmar crime

Aug. 11 – A U.N. investigative unit established for Myanmar announced that Facebook has not released evidence of “serious international crimes” despite officially guaranteeing its support to investigators. The U.N. is working on finding evidences of abuses in the country, especially against the Rohingya Muslim minority.

According to Reuters, the Head of the Independent Mechanism on Myanmar (IIMM) Nicholas Koumjian said that the social media company was holding material “highly relevant and probative of serious international crimes.”

Rohingya refugees entering Bangladesh after being driven out of Myanmar, 2017 (Photo by Zlatica Hoke)

On its side, Facebook declined to comment, just stating that there is full cooperation with the IIMM.

After the 2017 military repression against the Rohingya – that led more than 730,000 people to escape in neighbouring Bangladesh – Myanmar is facing charges of genocide at the International Court of Justice.

According to U.N. investigators, Facebook might have played a key role in spreading hate and fueling the violence.

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