Russia calls for “dialogue”on Navalny case

Sep. 04 – The Kremlin wants “dialogue with Germany” about the case of opposition politician Alexei Navalny and his poisoning. The Russian authorities said that Siberian doctors who treated him were “much more” transparent than the German doctors that are taking care of him now.

Alexei Navalny (Photo by Evgeny Feldman – CC BY-SA 4.0)

โ€œAccording to the version of our doctors it wasnโ€™t a poisoning,โ€ Peskov said. โ€œThe German specialists managed to establish some kind of poisonous substance. Weโ€™re counting on a dialogue with our German colleagues.โ€

Furthermore, he added: โ€œInvestigative actions are being carried out by our specialists, and if there is confirmation of the presence of poisonous substances in the biological material of the patient (Navalny), then of course legal consequences will follow. We ask everyone to rely on the facts.โ€


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