Security Multilogue Platform

The Security Multilogue Platform (SMP) is an exchange/knowledge tool for public and private security experts. It has been developed by Fondazione FORMIT within ISM-KA, an Erasmus+ co-funded project aiming at establishing an international teaching, learning and knowledge-sharing environment in the field of international safety and security. To achieve this aim, the project has been shaped around the development of a Master’s Programme focused on International Security Management tailored to train the current and next generation of decision makers in the international arena of safety and security to implement adequate security management measures in their organisations.

Against this backdrop, the SMP aims at facilitating continuing contact and engagement with and between the target audience and a wider range of safety and security stakeholders. This is a shared environment where security experts can discuss and deepen their knowledge of the field by opening or participating to discussion forums covering relevant topics ascribed to specific categories updated according to emerging trends on international security management (e.g. International Security, Intelligence and Investigation, Organised Crime and Terrorism, Leadership, Security Management, Cyber).

Most of the contents are publicly available. However, to actively participate to live discussions, registration is needed. Not-registered or unauthorised users can only suggest their topics of interest by providing the URL and explaining why they consider them worthy of discussion in the comment section included in the “contact us” form available in the right sidebar of the platform homepage.

Here as follows some basic guidelines to be respected in order to ensure a proper use of the SMP:

  • Only registered users are allowed to either publish or comment a post.
  • Each registered user has the responsibility of his/her words. However, the author of the post shall moderate and manage any comment to be published under his/her post in order to block inappropriate and negative comments, thus giving his/her authorization to publish them.
  • Insulting, condescending or offensive language are not allowed and tolerated and will be therefore removed.
  • Sensitivity is needed when discussing or dealing with topics such as race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Posts shall be original and consistent with the purpose of the SMP. According to this, they shall contain relevant information and substance in terms of either facts, figures, evidence, or literature.
  • Copyrighted content, advertisement or repetitive content are not allowed and tolerated and will be therefore removed.
  • Before writing a new post, users shall ascertain that no previous posts have been published for the same purpose, so they have the responsibility to avoid duplicate posts and eventually find the most appropriate topic thread to post in.
  • In order to be focused and enable the discussion forum to be easier to navigate, short and on-topic titles are required.
  • Given the purpose of the SMP as knowledge/exchange platform, a proper language and a professional tone is required.
  • When commenting a post, users are required to stay on topic and refrain from “I agree”, “I do not agree” or “Yes/no” replies, thus adding relevant opinions and information that could possibly foster discussion among participants.
  • Users are required to avoid multiple discussions under the same post and publish or comment a same post in more than one discussion forum.